EverythingInCars.Com RSS Feed http://www.everythingincars.com RSS Feed for EverythingInCars.Com about a 2008 Audi AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL in inventory. 2008 Audi AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL 6 2008 Audi AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL 2 4 Doors Sedan Audi mumbai Auto 60000 leather original A SILVER Unleaded 0.00 1 Everythingincars.com Division of Kleancarsindia CLOSED,CLOSED;9,21;9,21;9,21;9,21;9,19;10,19 Mumbai India 400019 022-66350909 2008 AUDI A6 2.7TDI  DIESEL   MODEL FOR SALE    MINT CONDITION,FULLY LOADEDCONTACT SELLER AMEET K THAKKER    TELEPHONE 9820110444/ 022-40239999        Registered in PUNE  Thane Single owner Thane Mumbai car sparingly used car  in excellent condition RUN ONLY 60000Kms   with having the following accessories:        1.-POWER STEERING Power windows ,Fully Loaded version ,Elegance        2. Climate control Aircon ,AUDI LEATHER INTERIOR Imported Stereo  ORIGINAL PAINT  SPECIAL ALLOY WHEELS AUDI CLASS, SUNROOF, ORIGINAL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Comfi Drive Mode In Auto TRANSMISSION  with Traction Control ,Cornering Brake Control,AUDI,Dynamic Stability Control        3.  Anti Glare Mirrors ,Tilted Steering        6. Boot and inner special rubber mats.        7. Cigarette lighter        8. Sunscreen film on glasses, stereo w/o remote ,Sproiler at back  &      SPECIAL   UPOLTERY       Comprehensive Insurance  ,CORPORATE TAX PAID                                                                                                      .9)    AUDI Professional HiFi MUSIC SYSTEM,  ONLY SPARIGLY USED WITH COMPLETE SERVICE HISTORY MAINTAINED AUDI A6   WORKSHOP PUNE thane usedcar India mumbai        Colour –   MET CUBILNITE  CONTACT AMEET K THAKKER    TELEPHONE 09820110444/ 022-24181171 TECHNICAL SPECS OF CAR ARE BELOW Fuel Economy   Mileage Highway (km/liter) 18.5 Mileage City (km/liter) 10.2 Mileage Overall (km/liter) 11.86   Capacities   Seating Capacity (person) 5 Fuel Tank Capacity (liter) 70   Performance   Maximum Speed 230Km/Hour 0-100kmph 8.5seconds 1/4 Mile seconds   Engine   Engine Type/Model   Displacement cc 2698 Power (PS@rpm) 180PS @3300rpm Torque (Nm@rpm) 380Nm @1400rpm Valve Mechanism DOHC Bore (mm) 83 Stroke (mm) 83.1 Compression Ratio 17:1 No of Cylinders (cylinder) 6 Cylinder Configuration V6 Valves per Cylinder (value) 4 Fuel Type Diesel Fuel System     Transmission   Transmission Type Automatic Gears/Speeds 6Gears Clutch Type   Final Reduction Gear Ratio     Suspensions   Front Suspension Four-link front suspension, upper and lower wishbones, anti-roll bar, twin-tube gas-filled shock absorbers Rear Suspension Trapezoidal-link rear suspension, anti-roll bar, twin tube gas-filled shock absorbers   Steering   Steering Type Rack & Pinion, Power-assisted Power Assisted Standard Minimum Turning Radius (meter) 5.9   Brakes   Front Brakes Discs Brake Rear Brakes Ventilated Discs at front http://www.everythingincars.com/listings/26_2008_Audi_AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL_20140209_140547.jpg,http://www.everythingincars.com/listings/27_2008_Audi_AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL_20140209_141112.jpg,http://www.everythingincars.com/listings/28_2008_Audi_AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL_20140209_140622LLL.jpg,http://www.everythingincars.com/listings/29_2008_Audi_AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL_20140209_141126.jpg,http://www.everythingincars.com/listings/30_2008_Audi_AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL_20140209_140638LLL.jpg,http://www.everythingincars.com/listings/31_2008_Audi_AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL_20140209_141138.jpg,http://www.everythingincars.com/listings/32_2008_Audi_AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL_20140209_140650LLL.jpg,http://www.everythingincars.com/listings/33_2008_Audi_AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL_20140209_141236.jpg,http://www.everythingincars.com/listings/34_2008_Audi_AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL_20140209_141051.jpg,http://www.everythingincars.com/listings/35_2008_Audi_AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL_20140209_141318.jpg,http://www.everythingincars.com/listings/38_2008_Audi_AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL_AUDIA6LLL.jpg,http://www.everythingincars.com/listings/39_2008_Audi_AUDI MUMBAI A6 DIESEL_20140209_143650.jpg http://www.everythingincars.com/view.php/6/2008/Audi/AUDI+MUMBAI+A6+DIESEL